Hi all!

I am going out on a limb and hoping that this is the proper forum to
ask this... After all, the question *has* to do w/ AD in some way ;)

I've set up a WebDav FreeBSD server using mod_dav to allow document
sharing and versioning (and to try to set up some way of Calendar
Sharing that does not involve Exchange, but that's a story for another

The access is to be restricted using Apache Basic Auth (yes, I know
it's not that secure, but it's good enough for what we need at the

I can connect to the DAV share w/o any problems from a test computer
(w2003, w/ the WebFolders client installed) that is NOT a domain
member, using both http:// and https://. I get the "Restricted WebDav"
prompt that I've set in Apache, and after logging in everything's

But from a Windows XP computer (that's a domain member) when I try to
access using http, I get a "connect to <FQDN HOSTNAME>" prompt, as if
I were trying to connect with a remote SBM share, instead of the
"Restricted WebDAV" prompt I was expecting. I enter the usr/pwd but I
get the same prompt over and over.

The odd thing is, when I use https://, I get the proper "Restricted
WebDav" prompt, and I can log-in without problems.

I know that I should be using SSL, and once the system goes live
that'lll be the default behaviour, but right now I need the ability to
sniff the traffic (to be able to see why the RemoteCalendars plugin
for Outlook does not like my server, among other things), and in any
case I don't like to have "misteries" on my systems.

I am pretty sure this is some kind of "doh!" moment waiting to happen,
but in any case I wanted to ask for a bit of advice as to what mitght
be happening and how to solve it.

Thanks a lot

 Javier Jarava
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