Hi All,


I cannot find a resolution to event log error that we are having within our
development domain the event is logged every 3-6 mins. I have exhausted the
internet results but to no avail, any help would be greatly appreciated.


We have two DC's living on different subnets both acting as BH servers. 


1st DC holds all FSMO roles, single domain, D & FFL 2003


Anyway below is the event log message I have done all the searches possible
and come up with nothing at all. 


Source NetBT

EventID: 4321


The name "DEV......:Id" Could not be registered on the interface with IP
address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 

The machine with the IP address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx did not allow the name to be
claimed by the machine.



The results of both DC's are as follows:


Nbtstat -an


DC1                              DC2

00 unique                      00 unique

00 Group                       00 Group

1c Group                       1c Group

20 Unique                      20 Unique

1D Unique                     1E Group

1E Group



Mac address     


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