Note that not all objects can be reanimated, there is a little bug I found
that impacts objects (mostly config objects if I recall properly) created
with specific settings that will not allow you to move them out of the
deleted objects container once they have been "deleted/tombstoned". I
believe I ran into that while doing mass testing of AdMod which will also
reanimate tombstones. The bug is officially bugged and should be corrected


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Hi Ajay

Not sure what network objects you are interested in, but you do have the
ability to reanimate tombstoned objects.  The main issue with this is that
not all of the attributes are preserved when the object is tombstoned, which
means you won't get back everything that was lost using this method.

For some tools leveraging the reanimation API, have a look at:

Also have a look at the discussion thread below.  Dean Wells shows how to
modify the schema to include additional attributes in tombstone reanimation.

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Hi all,

I have a query
Is that possible to recover network object from AD tombstone.
If not then wht is use of it.

Ajay pardeshi


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