For Kim Strom-Gottfried--

Kim, you asked for a job description for personnel who help units with the 
drafting and revision of policies. At UVU, Policy Office staff do not draft 
policies, but we provide editorial and process support. Here are job 
descriptions that may be of use to you: 

For the Policy Officer ("director"): 

The Policy Officer will: manage the university’s policy process; manage The 
Online Policy System (TOPS); manage the Policy Office web pages and policy 
archives; actively engage, support, and assist policy sponsors, policy 
stewards, and policy drafting committees in the developing, writing, editing, 
refining, and reviewing of university policies; consult with senior 
administrators and university’s legal counsel and serve in a technical writer 
capacity to ensure consistency and quality of policies.

Essential Functions, Major Duties, and/or Accountabilities:
•       Direct the development and advancement of policy proposals through the 
policy approval processes in conjunction with policy sponsors and policy 
•       Write, edit, and review policy proposal in close coordination with 
policy sponsors, policy stewards, policy drafting committees, and legal 
•       Perform business process analysis as it relates to policy 
proposals/procedures, with policy sponsors, policy stewards, and policy 
drafting committees. 
•       Develop and maintain a policy review calendar which ensures an 
effective policy review workload for the President’s Council and Board of 
Trustees; coordinate President’s Council reviews with policy sponsors and the 
President’s Office; attend President’s Council as needed. 
•       Review university policies and policy proposals for alignment with 
Board of Regents policies; as required, submit new or revised university policy 
to the Office of the Commissioner for Higher Education. 
•       Maintain tracking of policy proposals in the policy approval processes 
(including approved versions and critical dates); notify university community 
of policy proposals as they are advanced through the approval processes and as 
they are approved by the Board of Trustees. 
•       Review versions of policies and references to policies that occur in 
university handbooks, catalogs, and web pages outside of the university’s 
policy manual. 
•       Provide ongoing policy process training and responds to policy process 
inquiries; maintain website on-line training materials, tracking sheets etc.; 
manage policy office budget. 
•       Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

Graduation from an accredited institution with a master’s degree in technical 
writing, communications, or a related field plus three years of experience 
related to the essential functions; OR a bachelor degree plus five years of 
experience related to the essential functions.
•       Knowledge of current issues and practices in policy development and 
•       Knowledge of higher education institutions, systems, and issues. 
•       Demonstrated high level of integrity and team orientation, 
professionalism and trustworthiness skills. 
•       Demonstrated analytical and critical thinking skills to formulate 
policy options, provide advice, and develop viable recommendations. 
•       Demonstrated leadership, interpersonal and problem solving skills. 
•       Skill in management of projects and documents including electronic 
information management and knowledge of electronic publishing and other 
•       Skill and experience in business process analysis including the ability 
to gather, analyze, and communicate complex information. 
•       Skill and experience in technical and/or legal writing. 
•       Skill in development and presentation of materials. 
•       Ability to work independently and interdependently in a collegial 
manner with individuals and organizations. 
•       Demonstrated ability to effectively manage multiple tasks in an 
organized manner. 
•       Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate complex policy concepts 
to constituents at all levels of the university.

Job Description for Assistant Editor, Policy Office: 

Position Summary
Provides editorial support to Policy Officer and policy stewards in policy 
development process.

Essential Functions
Under the direction of the Policy Officer, the assistant editor assists the 
Policy Officer with research, policy editing and writing. The assistant editor 
works with policy stewards, as assigned, to research and develop policy 
content; makes revisions and tracks changes to policy drafts throughout the 
policy process; works under the direction of the Policy Officer; researches new 
policy areas as needed; provides proofreading and editorial support.
Essential functions, major duties, and/or accountabilities: 
•       Proofreads copy as needed for basic grammar and usage and ensure the 
copy meets Policy Office format and style standards. 
•       Edits policy drafts for clarity, logic, and organization. 
•       Assists the policy officer and policy stewards with tracking and moving 
policies through the university policy approval process. 
•       Under the direction of policy stewards and the policy officer, conducts 
research in subject matter areas in policy. Will be expected to become 
self-educated in these areas. 
•       Researches, drafts and edits original policy documents; initiates 
changes to existing policy documents.
Minimum Qualifications
•       Familiar with and experienced with using the Chicago Manual of Style.
•       Editing experience. 
•       Bachelor’s degree or near completion in English, political science, or 
a similar background. 
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Required: 
•       Familiar with and experienced with using the Chicago Manual of Style.
•       Editing experience. 
•       Solid research and writing skills. 
•       Bachelor’s degree in English, political science, or a similar 
•       Microsoft Word
•       Ability to become self-educated about new subject areas in policy. 
•       Previous policy development experience is a plus.

-- Cara O'Sullivan, Policy Officer, Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah 

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