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At present, we have a Regents’-level policy that authorizes the University’s 
legal office to “defend or arrange for the defense of students against any 
legal proceedings commenced against them arising from their good faith 
participation in official University investigations or grievance or 
disciplinary proceedings.”  There has been discussion about removing this 
provision from the policy.  (As a public institution, the State Risk Management 
Division provides a legal defense for faculty and staff employees in certain 
circumstances, but not for students, except in narrow circumstances involving 
health care instructional programs.)  Several objections have been raised about 
removing this provision from the policy, including that its removal would make 
students reluctant to disclose misconduct, participate in investigations, and 
serve as witnesses.

We are interested in knowing if other institutions provide legal representation 
for students in legal proceedings related to their participation in internal 
investigations or disciplinary proceedings.


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