On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 08:33:52AM +0200, Gert Doering wrote:
> F. Discussion of open policy proposals                          50 min
>    (more specifically: presentation on the status of the open policy 
>    proposals and Q&A, discussion will take place on the list)
>    2015-04 RIPE Resource Transfer Policies
>            Erik Bais
>    2016-03 Locking Down the Final /8 Policy
>            Remco van Mook
>    2016-04 (to be announced)

Some "heads up" on this one.  We used to take our time to discuss these
proposals in depth, and I still think that this is a valuable use of our

Nevertheless, we've seriously overrun the meeting slots last time, 
something which is hard to avoid if there are a number of "open discussion"
blocks on the list (and I do not want to cut off a productive discussion
right in the middle).

So, what we'll do this time for "item F" is:

 - presentation
 - Q&A - which is really "I do not understand that aspect, please explain?"
   and not "I do not like this, can you please change ...?"
 - "show of hands" quick feedback about the direction the proposal should
   take ("move forward" vs. "opposition")

detailed discussion and consensus finding takes place on the list.

The *other* items marked with "discussion" need the discussion time at
the meeting, because these are not proposals *yet*, and we need more 
direct input to decide whether to move to a specific proposal, or abandon
the idea(s).

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