Hello groups,

I am new to ASN and sorry for my little knowledge around this if it's 
simple thing to do. I am trying to build ASN for mips target with either 
clang or gcc and both fails to build.

ASN says:

"The tool works on x86, ARM, MIPS (both 32- and 64-bit versions of all
architectures), PowerPC64. The supported operation systems are Linux,
Darwin (OS X and iOS Simulator), FreeBSD, Android."

So tried:

1. ASN build for x86 with clang
https://github.com/google/sanitizers/wiki/AddressSanitizerHowToBuild and 
this builds for X86 fine and works.

2. ASN build for MIPS with clang
To build it for cross compile, built MIPS gcc and followed 
http://llvm.org/docs/HowToCrossCompileLLVM.html but build fails at 
configuration stage. 

3. ASN build for x86 with gcc(4.9.2)
Used buildroot to build MIPS cross toolchain and builds fine and works.

4. ASN build for MIPS with gcc
Surely ASN in gcc do not support MIPS target when see gcc configuration so 
made few tweaks to set MIPS target. Configuration step works fine but build 

Since I don't see ASN for MIPS yet, couple of question on direction to go:

1. Is it possible to build ASN for MIPS with gcc source package if make 
some changes to configuration/sources to gcc or ASN?

2. Or should I have to post ASN from clang back to gcc to build it for MIPS?

Have had some search to find a solution, success story or MIPS port but no 
success. Could anyone who have already gone through or done that please 
help me to build ASN for MIPS?
Any help or advise will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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