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"A. Wilcox" <awil...@adelielinux.org> wrote:

> bash:
> We have the -binsh virtual, the patch for bashrc location, and our own
> bashrc file.  None of these make sense for upstream.  Unless I hear a
> good argument for offering it in user/, I'm pretty sure this should be
> in system/.

I'd actually like to see dash moved into system to provide /bin/sh -
but that notwithstanding, the patch to make bash use bashrc properly
and our own bashrc are a good enough reason to keep our own bash in
system/ ... 

> binutils:
> We ship 2.29 instead of 2.28.  We ship seven patches for everything
> from tests to wrong behaviour with MIPS targets.  ncopa did not seem
> interested in bumping binutils until GCC is also bumped.  This could
> be moved to system/ since we are already maintaining it ourselves.

> gcc:
> Our gcc is wildly different from Alpine, so much so that this probably
> belongs in system/ even if we do end up keeping an aports.git fork.
> In addition, I don't feel comfortable with jumping to GCC 8 and
> Alpine has been talking about it for retpoline support.  This is
> going in system/ unless someone has a very good argument why it
> shouldn't.

I support binutils and gcc going into our system/ - especially since
we're supporting different platforms from Alpine and those may have
technical demands of their own. 

As for the rest, I defer judgement to people who know what they're
doing - the sooner we get alpha5 going and this grand unification done,
the sooner i get community/emacs and can actually work on things
comfortably :) 

    - Horst 
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