On 02/12/18 08:18, William Pitcock wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 3:36 PM, A. Wilcox <awil...@adelielinux.org> wrote:
>> The following packages must be moved to system/ due to Python 2 changes
>> that would break Alpine packages:
> What changes?
>> boost

We remove boost-python, leaving only boost-python3.

>> gamin

We use --without-python because upstream has no interest in porting
their bindings to Python 3.

>> libevent

Patches that are still being worked on upstream.  aerdan@ and I hope to
have this landed in the next libevent version, then it isn't needed any

>> libxml2

We only build py3-libxml2, not py2-libxml2.  This breaks:

main/gnome-doc-utils (but we are working on porting this to 3)

>> libxslt

We completely remove Python bindings here too.  This doesn't seem to
break anything, as nothing depends on it.

>> mesa

We pull in patches from git master (18.x) to make the build system work
with Python 3.  They're still in flux and call /usr/bin/python despite
needing Python 3 requiring python-compat.  WIP here too.

>> postgresql

We neutered this APKBUILD to only build plpython3 instead of both,
greatly simplifying it at the cost of removing the Python 2 bindings.

>> py-dbus

We changed the Python 2-only package to Python 3-only.  It still works,
but all the packages that use py-dbus need to be changed to use
python3-dev instead of python2-dev.  That would mean:


Note that I know avahi does not work at all with Python 3.  I do not
know the status of the other packages.

>> py-mako

This is a mesa dep, py2 only in Alpine and py3 only in Adélie.  It
appears to also be used by:


All of which also use Python 2 instead of 3.

>> weechat

We ship Python 3 instead of Python 2.  This breaks a few very old
Weechat scripts but enables the use of some other newer ones that use
Python 3 syntax.  It is a trade-off.  (You cannot have both.)

>> The following packages must be moved to system/ if Alpine does not
>> change LibreSSL back to OpenSSL for the provider of libssl and libcrypto:
> Regarding this, we could just use provides="libressl-dev=9999" on
> openssl-dev (openssl 1.0 only though) package.  I believe it will
> solve it.

That might work.


A. Wilcox (awilfox)
Project Lead, Adélie Linux

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