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> On 02/12/18 16:26, A. Wilcox wrote:

>> Correct on both accounts.  My concern is more with root's default
>> login shell being /bin/sh.  I do not know how well dash would be
>> tolerated as the interactive shell for administrating Adélie. 

Honestly, that's a preference issue - it's trivial to change the
default login shell for root to something friendlier. 

> > So again: I don't have a problem offering the option, but I really
> > do not want to make it the default until we have an answer for
> > root.  

"let root have nice things" or "don't spend any more time than you need
to in an interactive root shell". Or perhaps some mix of both. This
isn't a huge obstacle, it's just another thing that needs to go in the
documentation - "hey, POSIX sh is kind of limiting, you might want to
use bash for day to day system administration." 

> Just pushed system/dash.  It has dash-binsh.  For testing purposes, I
> swapped bash-binsh with dash-binsh on the ppc32 builder.  (Nerves of
> steel here.)
> It works great, it didn't break anything or set the world on fire,
> etc.
> I was so happy I actually tried building dash with itself as /bin/sh!
> awilcox on elaine /usr/src/packages/system/dash $ abuild
> /usr/bin/abuild: 1778: /usr/bin/abuild: Bad substitution
> >>> ERROR: dash: all failed  

ooft. I've seen this happen with some configure scripts that falsely
advertise that they're 'sh' when they only ever really got tested with

> abuild does not work with dash as /bin/sh.  This is pretty much going
> to be a non-starter on builders, and it's going to make development on
> computers with dash-binsh completely unusable.
> I'm not sure if dash-binsh should conflict with abuild so a user can't
> do that, or if I should just remove dash-binsh completely, or if
> abuild should depend on bash and use #!/bin/bash.  This is kind of
> terrible, especially since abuild works fine with bash or busybox
> as /bin/sh.  It even almost works completely with zsh as /bin/sh.

The solution is to make abuild depend on bash and use #!/bin/bash - if
it's using sh features that aren't quite POSIX it shouldn't be calling

If abuild doesn't honestly advertise its requirements and capabilities,
that's an issue with abuild, and it's a fixable one. We have a good
working relationship already with the Alpine folks, and you've
mentioned some of them also would like dash as /bin/sh - I'm sure
they'll be amenable to that being fixed. 

 - Horst. 
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