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@@ -92,3 +92,38 @@ Change into the wastesedge-0.3.x directory and run
 (adjusting the location to the bundle as needed). This will configure,
 build and install Waste's Edge into the bundle, making it
 ready to use.
+Codesigning and creating a disk image:
+In order to distribute the app bundle created above, the usual way on OSX is
+to package everything into a disk image (.dmg). In order to automate this, the in the osx/ directory can be used. This also contains the required
+commands to sign the bundle and resulting image, provided a suitable 
+is present in your keychain. Signing of the image itself requires OSX 10.11.4 
+Creating of the disk image requires the dmgbuild Python module, available from
+Download, extract, then install by running
+    python install --user
+In case installation fails because of conflicting pyobjc system packages, 
+those by running before repeating the installation
+    sudo env CC=clang easy_install -U pyobjc-core
+In order to enable code signing, set the environment variable CODESIGN_IDENTITY
+to the name of the certificate, as shown by the Keychain, i.e.:
+    export CODESIGN_IDENTITY="<certificate name>"
+Now change into the wastesedge-0.3.x/osx directory and run
+ ../../adonthell-0.3.x/
+You will be prompted for your password, as dmgbuild requires admin priviledges 
+set some of the attributes of the newly created disk image.

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