Hi everyone,

we have a server with a big Oracle DB (~800GB) on it, which we will take 
offline. But we still need to keep the active data around for a few years (but 
no copy backup). Since I don't want the accumulated data (~11TB) to occupy 
space on the TSM Server i thought this would be perfect for a backupset. 
But, as it turns out, backupsets can only be done if the data has been stored 
with the BA client, not with the oracle rman client.
I thought about moving the data to a new, exclusive storage pool which will not 
be processed by TSM maintenance processes (migration, space reclamation, copy 
backup) so that there would be now volume mount calls and I could check out the 
volumes. But this seems a bit unorthodox to me.
Does anyone have any other ideas?

Best Regards,

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