Hello.   I just stumbled on this yesterday and I don't when this happened or 
what I did to make this happen. (I'm assuming it was part of a different 
storagepool/domain at some point)

I have a node which I'll call DINO, it's been backing up fine for some time now.
When I do an 'FI' on it, I see this:

            Node Name: DINO
       Filespace Name: DINO\SystemState\NULL\System State\SystemState
                 FSID: 1
             Platform: WinNT
       Filespace Type: VSS
Is Filespace Unicode?: Yes
             Capacity: 0 KB
             Pct Util: 0.0

            Node Name: DINO
       Filespace Name: \\dino\c$
                 FSID: 2
             Platform: WinNT
       Filespace Type: NTFS
Is Filespace Unicode?: Yes
             Capacity: 99 GB
             Pct Util: 36.7

Looks ok, but when I do a 'occ' on it, I see this:

DINO Bkup DINO-    1 WIN2K_PRIM      90,132           -    6,420.42
DINO Bkup \\dino\c$-    2 DEVT_PRIM          314           -        3.54
DINO Bkup \\dino\c$-    2 WIN2K_PRIM     113,919           -   54,917.20

I need to get rid of the c: on the storage pool called 'DEVT_PRIM'.  Both had a 
FSID of '2'.  If I delete the FI with FSID=2, do we know if it will delete both 
occ from both storage pools?   (I can always back it up again afterwards).   Or 
is there a way to delete just the FSID=2 for storage pool DEVT_PRIM?


Jeannie Bruno
Senior Systems Analyst
Central Hudson Gas & Electric
(845) 486-5780

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