My understanding is you can do almost any combination of versions as
long as the Library Manager servers are always at an equal or higher
release than their Library Client servers. You should be able to upgrade
the Library Managers one at a time, unless they are clients of one
another, which I'm not sure is possible.

It gets trickier when you have multiple TSM servers on a single OS
image, one of which is a Library Manager. This is my configuration. (It
seemed like a good idea at the time...)

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On Mon, 19 Sep 2016, Zoltan Forray wrote:

>Just a few questions to confirm my upgrade process.
>I have 6-RH Linux TSM servers.  All are at  2-of these servers
>are Library Managers for my TS3500.
>>From what I understand, I will have to upgrade BOTH LM servers to 7.1.3.x
>(and then jump to at the same time BEFORE I can upgrade the rest
>of the servers/Library Clients to
>Since this is a big jump and I am having lots of problems with replication
>(most of which are addressed in 6.3.6), I am going to upgrade to 6.3.6
>first and then do the 7.1 upgrades at a later date.
>Anything else I should be concerned with or do differently?
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