Within TSM I am migrating an old storage pool on a DD4200 to a new storage pool 
on a DD4500.

First of all, it worked fine yesterday.

The nextpool is correct and migration is hi=0 lo=0 and using 25 migration 
process, but I had to stop it.

Now when I restart it the migration process it is migrating to the old storage 
volumes instead of the new storage volumes. Basically it's just migrating from 
one disk volume inside the ddstgpool to another disk volume in the ddstgpool.

It is not using the next pool parameter,  has anyone seen this problem before?

I appreciate the help.

Ricky M. Plair
Storage Engineer
HealthPlan Services
Office: 813 289 1000 Ext 2273
Mobile: 813 357 9673

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