Anyone install server (mine is Linux) and experience any issues,
in particular with expiration?

I upgrade one server on Tuesday, from due to issues with
replication that are address in  Wednesday evening I started
getting alerts about the active log >80%.  At this point, expiration had
been running for 30+ hours (it normally finishes in an hour or so).

Fortunately, a DB backup cleared most of the log but expiration refuses to
stop.  Tried both 'cancel expiration' and 'cancel proc'.  It acknowledged
the cancel but wouldn't die.

This morning I was alerted the log >80 percent and a DB backup wouldn't
clear things and the expiration was still hung. I had to bounce the server.

Expiration kicked off after I bounced the server today and is still running
saying it has only processed 2-nodes after 3+ hours.  I hesitate attempting
to cancel it until further diagnostics can be performed.

I was going to upgrade all my servers to but am holding off due
to this situation.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

*Zoltan Forray*
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Xymon Monitor Administrator
VMware Administrator (in training)
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