I've only installed data movers on Windows.  On Windows, the "vmwaretools" 
feature is part of the baclient rather than TSM for VE.


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Subject: [ADSM-L] setting up a linux datamover for tsm for ve

Ok, I am missing something obvious.
Trying to set up a data mover.
We are currently on client 6.4.2.

Have installed the tsm client, and vmware enablement file.
Still getting

tsm> ba vm javatestdeploy
ANS9383E Required files for VMware vStorage virtual machine backup could not be 
Run the TSM install selecting the vmwaretools feature or install the VMware 
ANS4152E Failure initializing VMware virtual machine environment. RC=-303. 
Refer to client dsmerror.log for detailed error messages.

Extracted TSMVE.tar, ran install, there was no vmware tools option, so 
installed the enablement file.

What have I missed.

I'm a tsm guy, not a vmware guy, and our vmware admin left a few months ago. He 
did the original tsm for Ve setup.

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