Dear Del,
About a year ago you explained why TDP for HANA backup versioning is no longer 
working (see your mail down below), do you know if SAP has fixed this issue by 
I'm still struggling with this in our environment. The only documentation I can 
find on the IBM site about this issue is IT11810. It contains two options:

1)      Create a new domain and use the retver option, which could cause all 
you backups to expire when no backup is made during that period (so not 
acceptable for us).

2)      Remove obsolete backup manually through SAP Studio.
When we use option 2, the backups seem to be removed from SAP, but I still see 
the archive objects in TSM... Is this circumvention maybe documented somewhere 
in more detail?
Thank you very much for your help in advance!
Kind regards,
Eric van Loon
Air France/KLM Storage Engineering

This "design change" is a "change" from the Data Protection for ERP 
perspective, but not from the Data Protection for ERP for SAP HANA
perspective, which has always worked this way.
This design "change" is a result of a current limitation in the SAP HANA 
BACKINT API and is expected to be temporary.  This backup API streams the
backup data to the DP for SAP HANA client via named pipes and today it gives no 
indication whether the data stream was complete or the pipe was
closed prematurely due to some error.
We don't want to expire a prior/older backup version unless we know we have a 
successful new backup version so we do not currently offer
expiration of backups based on version limit.  However, we do plan to provide 
that capability once SAP implements the enhancement to the backup
API we have requested (to indicate whether or not all the data was streamed  
successfully).  SAP did indicate they plan to provide that enhancement but we 
do not yet have a target date for that.
Thank you,
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