I don't you can use cloud storage as a copypool so that would mean you are
placing your primarypool in the cloud and limiting (in an extreme way) your
restore performance.

It is fast enough for archival purposes (if you set it up correctly and
have enough of a local buffering pool and bandwith) and you can but backup
data in but getting backup data out fast enough to meet any serious SLA?
Hmm...I would look closely into that and start with a very small POC,
that's the thing with cloud storage, you can actually do that fairly easy.

I wouldn't use cloud based storage for TSM for anything other than a
replacement for archive like data with a low retrieve rate.

If you want to get rid of tape and not invest in setting up your own
offsite setup I'm sure there are plenty of electronic-vaulting solutions
like the ones we offer you can simply plug into. Just make sure your DR
plan is compatible with these solutions. It's can get complicated, it's all

On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 3:27 PM, Michaud, Luc [Analyste principal -
environnement AIX] <luc.micha...@stm.info> wrote:

> Greetings to you all,
> We've setup a blueprint replicated environment with directory container
> pools on both sides.
> We protect the primary node stgpools to tape as well, with offsite
> movements.
> Now we want to get rid of the tapes, most likely by leveraging AWS Glacier.
> We have been exposed to a limitation of containers only being able to have
> 1 container protection and 1 tape protection.
> How have you guys done it ?  Any trick or caveat that we should be aware
> of ?
> Regards,
> Luc Michaud
> Société de Transport de Montréal

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