Maybe the " Delay Period for Container Reuse " option on the storage pool ?

-Rick Adamson

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Subject: [ADSM-L] Delete STG pool Directory still active data

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Hi to all

I tried today to delete a STG pool directory  , did it before few times without 
any problems.

1.       Audit container stg=v7000_D3 action=removedamaged

2.       Upd stgpooldirectory v7000_d3 directory_path acc=destroyed (for each 
directory path)

3.       Q stgpooldirectory stg=v7000_d3

Protect: ADSM2>q stgpooldirectory stg=v7000_d3

Storage Pool Name     Directory                                               

-----------------               ---------------------------------------------   

V7000_D3                  c:\mountpoints\V7000_D3\STG1        Destroyed

V7000_D3                  c:\mountpoints\V7000_D3\STG2        Destroyed

V7000_D3                  c:\mountpoints\V7000_D3\STG3        Destroyed

4.       The process took a bit long , almost all the containers was delete but 
still when: (I succeed to delete one stgpooldirectory  

Q stg v7000_D3 got

Protect: ADSM2>q stg v7000_d3    (still active data)

Storage Pool name    Device Class Name    Storage Type     Estimated Capacity   
  Pct Util PCT    Pct Migr     High     Low     Next Storage Pool

-----------                        ----------                       ---------   
              ----------                          -----                 -----   
           ----        ---          -----------

V7000_D3                       DIRECTORY              94.0 M                

Protect: ADSM2>del stgpooldirectory v7000_d3 c:\mountpoints\V7000_D3\STG1

ANR3646E DELETE STGPOOLDIRECTORY: Storage pool directory 
c:\mountpoints\V7000_D3\STG1 has an access mode of DESTROYED and has active 

ANS8001I Return code 27.

5.       Q container stg=v7000_d3

Protect: ADSM2>q container stg=v7000_d3

                               Storage Pool  Name     Container Type       State

                        ------------                          ---------         

c:\mountpoints\V7000_D3\STG1\16\0000000000001613.dcf          V7000_D3          
             Dedup                    Available

c:\mountpoints\V7000_D3\STG1\19\0000000000001965.dcf          V7000_D3          
             Dedup                    Available

c:\mountpoints\V7000_D3\STG3\15\0000000000001543.dcf          V7000_D3          
             Dedup                   Available

As I said b\efore I did exactly the same process in the past without any 
problem , suggestion ????

TSM Server Version

TSM Client Version

O.S Windows 2012 64B

T.I.A Best Regards


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