Hi Stefan,

Thanks a lot for appreciated feedback !

>> You can, however, disable compression on the storagepool-level.

This is unfortunately what I intended to avoid : if I disable it, then lots of 
clients will be impacted, and the server's performance will for sure improve ...

>> Are you using an IBM blueprint configuration for the Spectrum Protect

I wish I could : my life would have been much easier ! Unfortunately management 
took the (definitively bad) decision to invest in a EMC/Dell Isilon array to be 
our Spectrum Scale server storage. 
I'm now fighting since 6 months to have the whole working together, so far 
without real success : performance is horrible  :-(



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against deduped/compressed directory-based storage pool


With the directory containerpool you cannot, for as far as I know, disable
an attempt to deduplicate the data and if the data is able to deduplicate
it will be deduplicated.
You can, however, disable compression on the storagepool-level. If you
disable it on the containerpool client-side settings for deduplication will
have no effect on compression within the pool.

Are you using an IBM blueprint configuration for the Spectrum Protect


On Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 6:06 PM, PAC Brion Arnaud <arnaud.br...@panalpina.com
> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Following to global client backup performance issues on some new TSM
> server, which I suspect to be related to the workload induced on TSM
> instance by deduplication/compression operations, I would like to do some
> testing with a client, selectively disabling compression or deduplication,
> possibly both of them on it.
> However, the TSM server has been configured to only make use of
> directory-based storage pools, which have been defined having deduplication
> and compression enabled.
> Thus my question : is there any mean to configure a client, so that its
> data  will not be compressed or deduplicated ?
> From my understanding, setting up "compression no" in the client option
> file will be of no use, as the server will still be compressing the data at
> storage pool level.
> Likewise, setting up "deduplication no" in the client option file will
> refrain the client to proceed to deduplication, but the server still will.
> The last remaining possibility  that I can think of, to disable
> deduplication, would be to make use of some "exclude.dedup" statement on
> client side, that would exclude anything subject to backup.
> What are your thoughts ? Am I condemned to define new storage pools not
> enabled for deduplication and or compression to do such testing, or is
> there some other mean ?
> Thanks a lot for appreciated feedback !
> Cheers.
> Arnaud
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