I think the problem is the colon in the file name.

Windows has the capability to write multiple streams to the same file.  The 
streams are differentiated by a colon and the the stream id.

At least that’s the gist of it.  See 
Often used by hackers to hide stuff apparently.



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Has anyone seen these kind of errors?  A user has been having these errors for 
a long time (they manage their own box and thus din't notice these errors for 
9+ months)

   TSM return code   : 104
   TSM file          : ..\..\common\winnt\psmech.cpp (6583)
04/10/2018 22:58:04 ANS0361I DIAG: NTNamedStreamRead(): openNamedStream 
Directories\jwaltonen\Muse\Muse\Exceptions\AdobeMuse7.0-mul\Install Adobe 
04/10/2018 22:58:04 ANS5250E An unexpected error was encountered.
   TSM function name : openNamedStream
   TSM function      : CreateFile() returned '2' for file ':AFP_AfpInfo'

All Google hits are for a much older client - they are fairly current at on a Windows 2012 server.

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