I think it's because the archive description is the same (the default is 
"Archive Date: mm/dd/yyyy")
With the same archive description, the directory can not be copied again 
because it can affect already archived data.
Can you try to use a unique description when you run second archive?

> 16 апр. 2018 г., в 16:47, Loon, Eric van (ITOPT3) - KLM 
> <eric-van.l...@klm.com> написал(а):
> Hi guys,
> I noticed something unexpected with creating archives. Let me explain what I 
> did:
> 1)      Under root in the homedir I created a directory called test with two 
> subdirs (test1 and test2) and one file (testfile).
> 2)      The directory test and everything in it is owned by a non-root 
> account in Linux.
> When I create an archive with dsmc ar /root/test/ -subdir=yes I notice that 
> everything is archived as expected:
> Directory-->               4,096 /root/test [Sent]
> Normal File-->             1,032 /root/test/testfile [Sent]
> Directory-->               4,096 /root/test/test1 [Sent]
> Directory-->               4,096 /root/test/test2 [Sent]
> Archive processing of '/root/test/*' finished without failure.
> Then I issued the same command again. This time the output is not the same:
> Normal File-->             1,032 /root/test/testfile [Sent]
> Archive processing of '/root/test/*' finished without failure.
> Only the file is archived, not the directory itself, nor the subdirectories. 
> Not a big issue you might think, but it can be when you retrieve the whole 
> tree. When the first archive is made yesterday and the second one today, the 
> result of a retrieve will be different. A retrieve with 
> -fromdate="04/15/2018" will retrieve the file and subdirs with the original 
> (non-root) owner. A retrieve with -fromdate="04/16/2018" however will 
> retrieve the file with the non-root owner and it will recreate the /root/test 
> directory with root as owner. Since the subdirs are not archived on the 16th, 
> they are not being retrieved at all.
> I cannot understand why the (sub)directories are not being archived during 
> the second archive command.
> Kind regards,
> Eric van Loon
> Air France/KLM Storage Engineering
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