Greetings to all.
I have questions about creating versions of PXE boot iso's.
I successfully created an is on for bare metal restore of an x64 Win 2012
VM hosted server.
Now I need to restore two other servers, both Win 2008 R2 X64  VMs. They
have different baclient versions installed; one is 6.4.2 (EoL, we know),
while the other is
I have been trying to rtfm to determine if I can make one PXE iso for both
servers, at for example, because I have a bunch of those too.

Making the PXE iso was low on my list of fun stuff to do.
I know that my x86 2008 servers will need a different iso,  and my Win 2008
non R2 probably another, same for Win 2016, but I want to make as few as
necessary.  I have 7.1.x.x, 7.1.8.x, 8.1.0.x, 8.1.2, and 8.1.4. also.
I get that the baclient version on the PXE iso needs to be >= the vrl of
the baclient used to back up files, but how far back can I expect to go
from a particular uplevel version on a matching OS?
Point me to what to read.
I have read and re-read the best practices guide for recovering Win Server
2012 and Windows 8.  I have not read the earlier doc pertaining to
What else.
They all back up to SP on AIX. ...well, most do, some backup to
another AIX server running a 6.x TSM server version. Again, we know that is
out of support.  It is what we have to work with for now.
I am not  so worried about that population, they are rather stable.

So, how much work do I have ahead?

I miss when I could call Wanda with my questions!

George Huebschman

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