-10 tapes in total in scratch

-I think aroung 650Gb, but why is relevant?

- only one file around 40Gb

the tape drives are fine since the other mgmtclass which use normal lto5 (tapes) is working. The issue is only with the new one which is done for Worm tapes

On 3/25/2020 3:22 PM, Sasa Drnjevic wrote:
Maximum Scratch Volumes Allowed: 999
Number of Scratch Volumes Used: 0
Obviosuly not a problem....

Some other possibilities:

-how many scratch tapes are available in total?
-what is the size of data in STDHRDISKW pool?
-do you have any idea of file sizes in STDHRDISKW pool?
-ownership and permissions for Tape devices?

For example, Linux shoud be:

crw-rw-rw- 1 tsmadm tsmadm 238, 1024 Feb 24 14:51 /dev/IBMtape0n


Sasa Drnjevic

On 25.3.2020. 14:07, Lucian Vlaicu wrote:
tsm: ARDTSM1>q stgpool STDHRLTO5W f=d

                     Storage Pool Name: STDHRLTO5W
                     Storage Pool Type: Primary
                     Device Class Name: ULTRIUM5W
                    Estimated Capacity: 0.0 M
                    Space Trigger Util:
                              Pct Util: 0.0
                              Pct Migr: 0.0
                           Pct Logical: 0.0
                          High Mig Pct: 90
                           Low Mig Pct: 70
                       Migration Delay: 0
                    Migration Continue: Yes
                   Migration Processes: 1
                 Reclamation Processes: 1
                     Next Storage Pool:
                  Reclaim Storage Pool:
                Maximum Size Threshold: No Limit
                                Access: Read/Write
                     Overflow Location:
                 Cache Migrated Files?:
                            Collocate?: Group
                 Reclamation Threshold: 50
             Offsite Reclamation Limit:
       Maximum Scratch Volumes Allowed: 999
        Number of Scratch Volumes Used: 0
         Delay Period for Volume Reuse: 0 Day(s)
                Migration in Progress?: No
                  Amount Migrated (MB): 0.00
      Elapsed Migration Time (seconds): 0
              Reclamation in Progress?: No
        Last Update by (administrator): ADMIN
                 Last Update Date/Time: 03/23/20   22:30:50
              Storage Pool Data Format: Native
                  Copy Storage Pool(s):
                   Active Data Pool(s):
               Continue Copy on Error?: Yes
                              CRC Data: No
                      Reclamation Type: Threshold
           Overwrite Data when Deleted:
                     Deduplicate Data?: No
  Processes For Identifying Duplicates:
             Duplicate Data Not Stored:
                        Auto-copy Mode: Client
Contains Data Deduplicated by Client?: No

tsm: ARDTSM1>

On 3/25/2020 3:01 PM, Sasa Drnjevic wrote:
q stgpool NEXTPOOL f=d

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