Hi Thomas!
Glad to be at help!!!
As a matter of fact... you can't know. I also was puzzled when had this
problem. Another user on the list gave me this suggestion.
Request to Richard Sims:
Hi Richard! 
Would you like to add this solution to your VERY useful FAQ page under the
header "Trace/BPT trap(coredump)"?
Kindest regards,
Eric van Loon
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

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Subject: AW: core dump AIX 4.3.2 dsmc

thanks for this tip! It solved our problem!
How do you know that a password file is corrupted?
We had two on this machine (for the old and the new TSM server)
and both were 81 bytes in length.
But I'm glad the problem is solved anyway!

Thanks and greetings from Australia .. ehm .. Austria
Thomas Rupp

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> Hi Robert!
> I have seen core dumps when the TSM password file is corrupted. This was
> on
> a Sun however.
> You could try to remove /etc/security/adsm/<nodename> on AIX (or
> /etc/adsm/<nodename> on other UNIX systems). The next time you start dsmc,
> TSM will prompt you for the password an a new password file will be
> created.
> Hope this helps!
> Kindest regards,
> Eric van Loon
> KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

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