Be sure to set "ALL" parameters for the nic cards correctly to match the 
ports on the switches.
 Ensure that "ALL" 'no options' are set correctly for your environment.

 AIX 433_ML_08:
  100MB ethernet nic cards have the xmit/recieve buffer pools maxed out
  100MB ethernet nic cards have the speed/duplex set to match switch ports
  'no options' are set via an /etc/rc.{filename} & called via 
/etc/inittab via:
  rctunenet:2:wait:/etc/rc.tunenet > /dev/console 2>&1 #Tune Network Parms
     if [ -f /usr/sbin/no ]
     thewall=$(/usr/sbin/no -o thewall | awk '{ print $3 }')
     if [ $thewall -lt 4096 ]
     /usr/sbin/no -d thewall
     print thewall is set to $thewall - left as is
     /usr/sbin/no -d thewall
     /usr/sbin/no -d sb_max
     /usr/sbin/no -o tcp_sendspace=$thewall
     /usr/sbin/no -o tcp_recvspace=$thewall
     /usr/sbin/no -o udp_sendspace=64000
     /usr/sbin/no -o udp_recvspace=64000
     /usr/sbin/no -o net_malloc_police=32768
     /usr/sbin/no -o tcp_mssdflt=1452
     /usr/sbin/no -o ipqmaxlen=150
     /usr/sbin/no -o rfc1323=1
     print "Network parameters tuned..."
 By allowing AIX_ML_08 to "figure out" the best settings for 
thewall/sb_max, no -d thewall/sb_max, I do not have to go thru the issue 
of calculating it anymore!!!
 Having gone thru the above scenario, my 100MB ethernet cloud performs 
at, a minimum, 10MB/sec. A lot of the network traffic is logged at: 
 We are now implementing a GIG ethernet network and I am looking forward 
to working with it as well.


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On Wed, 15 May 2002, Ignacio Vidal wrote:

> Hi:
> I'm managing a pretty small TSM installation with 4 RS/6K machines (2
> 6M1 and 2 6H1) running AIX 4.3.3 (ML9).
> TSM software consists of the server (running in a 6M1 - 7Gb RAM), and
> the clients running in the same machine and on the others.
> Ive got the following situation:
> - the total of data backed up is about 200Gb's,
> - 4 servers are connected using gigabit ethernet links (and have 6Gb RAM
> and 7Gb RAM each model 6H1 and 6M1 respectively)
> - TSM uses a storage pool of 240Gb on FastT500 disks (those are
> connected by FC channels)
> - TSM uses a 3581 library (LTO) with 1 drive,
> The fact is (for the same set of information):
> When I do an archive backup operation with TSM, the time elapsed rounds
> 5 hours (TSM writes "right to" the tape).
> When I do an incremental backup operation, TSM uses about 6:30hs for it
> (TSM writes to storage pool).
> I'm looking for a rational approach to solve this "problem": isn't it
> more fast writing to storage pool (disk) that to tape?
> Anyone had the same performance problem?
> Is it really a performance problem?
> I would like some commentaries about this, I can provide some info about
> the configuration of TSM and the AIX servers.
> Regards
> Ignacio

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