The final day to sign up for Select Spectrum’s Spring 2018 2.5 GHz Spectrum 
Lease Auction is April 17th

Past auctions have been very successful,  and have led to over 80 license 
leases and purchases covering millions of residents.   The Auction features FCC 
Educational Broadband Service (EBS) and Broadband Radio Service (BRS) licenses 
for lease or sale under a commission-only arrangement.  Select Spectrum will 
work with Bidders and Spectrum Rights Holders to complete fair deals.

  *   Bidders are free to pick their own offered price and structure for the 
proposed transaction
  *   There are no upfront fees to bid in the Spectrum Lease Auction, and a fee 
will be charged only in the case that your organization is successful in 
leasing or acquiring spectrum rights
  *   Registered participants will have access to nearly 300 licenses including 
full details on call signs, location, MHz and population coverage

Website: http://selectspectrum.com/sla.html
Email: i...@selectspectrum.com<mailto:i...@selectspectrum.com>
Phone: (571) 287- 8720

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