Hi all!

There are new additions to http://perl-begin.org/ , the site for Perl 
Beginners. Here is a summary of them:


==16-March-2010: Topical and Uses Pages==

We added a [http://perl-begin.org/uses/email/ a page about using Perl for E-
mail processing], [http://perl-begin.org/uses/multitasking/ a page about Perl 
for multitasking and networking], a some topical pages:

* [http://perl-begin.org/topics/date-and-time/ Date and Time].
* [http://perl-begin.org/topics/references/ References in Perl].
* [http://perl-begin.org/topics/regular-expressions/ Regular Expressions].
* [http://perl-begin.org/topics/hashes/ Hashes].

[http://perl-begin.org/IDEs-and-tools/ The IDEs and Tools page] now contains 

Many new links have been added and many typos have been corrected. Enjoy!


We hope to continue improving Perl-Begin into the future and to make it an 
even more useful resource for Perl beginners.


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