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Richard Foley


On Sun, Jan 05, 2014 at 12:46:00AM -0500, Antti Heikkinen wrote:
> To Dear Perl and LINUX kernel development community:
> My propose to you at your list: is possible to write operate system in
> PERL? I am student in university, looked for interest project to
> conclude my study on LINUX kernel.
> This semester, I take beginner PERL course and learn power of
> procedural language. I automate many daily task with use of it. Very
> impressive ability to make many thing work, interpret or can compile
> also.
> Also about LINUX, I talk to much fellow students and professors, and
> take a operate system course use FreeBSD and LINUX. FreeBSD okay, but
> they say LINUX kernel is too big and bloat, run poor with too many
> developer. And too much quick decision from leader with ego is too big
> and bloat too, kekeke.
> LINUX kernel can perform more good if written in not C and C++ but
> Perl? Just certain portion of LINUX kernel to rewrite? For instant,
> schedule or support of multithread? If so, should use Perl5 or Perl6,
> focus to x86 or x86-64? Can you want to join me this my project? But
> to hear your expertise.
> Am excited to learn and begin study project. Can you want to join this
> my project? Please direct reply of email to myself.
> Much thank to you,
> Antti Heikkinen

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