Hi All,

I'm guessing some you noticed ovid summoned the meme-that-will-not-die
once more on use.perl.

Anyway, rather than waste time arguing at python zealots who will
never change their minds, or try and change perl so that python
zealots who hate it will hate it a little less and still never use

how about something more useful, a TPF backed student outreach program.

If we can organise a mailing list, and maybe a web page or wiki we can
provide some resources aimed at students based on what they needed - I
found my contact with london.pm introduced to loads of stuff that
would have really helped me at uni, and I suspect most computing
students would find guides on practical programming using perl
(amongst many other things) immensely helpful, and it would help fill
the skills gap of graduates with useful skills rather than

Anyway, in the south west of the UK we have 2 perl monger groups and 5
universities, what we could do with is trying to establish a liason at
each uni (in the computer club, comp sci department, bio-informatics,
wherever) and a couple of people in local mongers who will try and to
look at what students are doing, coordinate talks, socials and trips
to workshops.

A joined up effort could make it easier, we could share information
about what uni's are using perl and how, and also ideas about what we
could have done with at uni, (If I had Perl Testing Handbook, Perl
Hacks, and the Perl Cookbook in my first year at uni, I'd have kicked
ass, ok, if I had them, and actually read them maybe) - a shared wiki,
both for the mongers and students could help, and could also make it
easier to hook up graduates or placement students interested in Perl
with employers looking for trainees.



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