Hi all!

So far the only announcement of perl-5.12.0 has been to the perl5-porters 
mailing as plaintext E-mail. It was copied in LWN.net:


But it's still mostly plaintext there. A Google search for perl-5.12.0 yields 
no good result for an HTML announcement. I think we should announce it by 
formatting it into HTML and publish it on the TPF (= Perl Foundation) blog. 
True to my words that "Don't whine unless you are going to implement it 
yourself." (see http://www.shlomifish.org/humour/fortunes/osp_rules.html ), I 
am willing to do most of the work, but I'll need to know the desired format in 
advance and some people will have to proofread my copy.

Any comments? Who should I contact? I don't see any contact information on 
http://news.perlfoundation.org/ (which should also be remedied as soon as 
humanly possible.)


        Shlomi Fish

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