Hi all,

What do you people say about writing a book titled "Perl Humour" where we 
collect the best of the online humour about Perl? (both for, against, related 
to and in NPOV of Perl.) We can donate something like 50% of the proceedings 
to the TPF, and also eventually publish the book online.

The motivation for that idea came to me when, during dinner, my family 
suggested that I write some E-books for Amazon.com and similar E-book shops 
and sell them there (for the Kindle, etc.). Then I thought about these pages 
and others which contain a lot of Perl humour from the online world:

* http://perl.net.au/wiki/Perl_Humour

* http://www.shlomifish.org/humour/fortunes/

* http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Larry_Wall

So we can prepare an E-book of it, and possibly end up preparing a paperware 
version, while also eventually making the sources (in whatever format we 
choose) available under one of the Creative Commons licences. I volunteer to 
take this forward (in exchange for getting a percentage of the payment per 
copy), but would like to know what you people think about it.

Some issues:

1. Violation of one's copyrights: we may need to ask permission from all the 
sources, and in the case of IRC conversations, where there are many random 
nicks (who are possibly not on IRC), this can be a huge problem. I think 
there's some amount of fair use that allows it, but IANAL.

2. Trademarks: I think the general law about trademarks is that one cannot 
prevent any and all use of them, just when one suspects that they may be 
confused with a different product which may lead to purchase fraud. So for 
example I can say "I think that O'Reilly Mediaâ„¢'s books suck due to X, Y, Z." 
without infringing on their trademark, but I cannot say something like "The 
book 'Mastering cat' by O'Reilly Media which I wrote is available for purchase 
on my online store.". 

So it shouldn't be a problem if we mention some people's trademark, and 
naturally, the right of parody also applies to trademarks.

3. Defamation / Misquoting - some people may object to quoting their names, 
nicknames or handles (I've been bitten by it a few times.). One option would 
be to "anonymise" them and use generic meta-syntactic names (say from the 
Bible, Shakespeare, the Greek Mythology, etc.) instead. We can try asking of 
course, because some people would want the publicity.


        Shlomi Fish

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