Hi all,

Can anyone here volunteer to write about Perl for http://perl.about.com/ ? 
It's been suffering from a lot of neglect, and my application for a writer 
there was rejected (see below).


        Shlomi Fish

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Subject: RE: Guide Application for [Perl]
Date: Tuesday 24 May 2011, 18:01:03
From: jm...@about.com
To: shlo...@shlomifish.org, shlo...@gmail.com


While we thank you for taking the time to apply to be an About.com Guide, we 
have decided not to accept your application for entry into Prep. A few common 
reasons why your application was not accepted include:

* We are looking for someone with more professional writing experience.
* We are looking for someone with more writing experience in the topic.
* We are looking for someone with different qualifications.
* The writing in the writing sample was not up to our standards or had 
typographical errors.

If you feel that you did not represent yourself to your best advantage in your 
application and you wish to apply again, you are more than welcome to do so at 
http://beaguide.about.com.  In addition, you may also be interested in 
applying to be a writer for ConsumerSearch, a member of the About, Inc. group 
of companies looking for writers to join their teams.  If so, we encourage you 
to apply via the following link:

* Consumer Search: http://www.consumersearch.com/www/jobs.html.

Thanks again for your application, 

About.com Recruitment and Training Team

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