currently we have a job scheduled every hour which takes offline 
conversions from our database and pushes them to AdWords. However, it ran 
through the first 7/8 times before it started getting a rateExceededError.
The way our code works is:

first retrieve all the accounts/sub-accounts of the MCC
then proceed to push all of the conversions in our db from the last 24 
hours to each account,
removing the successful uploads until the list of offline conversions is 
(hopefully) whittled down to 0 or all the accounts have been exhausted.
I did this because it was tricky to get information about which account the 
GCLID is linked to so it was easier to throw them all at the wall and see 
what stuck.

So, how should I refactor the code to work best on an hourly schedule and 
avoid the rateExceededError?

I'm not currently using the batch job service and have been reading about 
it but before I began a code refactor to implement that I wanted to make 
sure I wasn't missing a trick.

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