I have a question that I suspect is for Customer Service, but Google's CS 
has insisted that the question must be directed to this forum.  Perhaps 
someone here can get it routed to someone who can help.

We had a developer token several years ago.  It was approved, and we were 
using it normally.  Then we discontinued it because we wished to use an 
outside vendor's software, and they had their own token so ours was no 
longer needed.

Now we wish to stop using said outside vendor's software.  We applied for a 
"new" token, and were approved last week, but the only token we can find 
associated with our account is the same old string of characters.  When we 
attempt to regenerate it, it winds up as the same string.

We have attempted to use it, using exactly the code from Google API: 
copied and pasted.  It runs, but it claims we have 0 campaigns (verified by 
outputting the SOAP response) - which is clearly false: we have many 
campaigns that have been running for years.  (I can confirm that OAuth 
authentication is working, because if I mess with the client ID or other 
settings, I get an authentication error instead of a response claiming we 
have 0 campaigns.)

Again, we are running a copy and paste from 
- so if you want to see all of our code, just read what's at that link.  
This is code that Google provided.  It is not our code.

I am posting from the account approved to use this token.

If I print $client->get_last_soap_request(), I get this SOAP request:

<?xml version="1.0" ?><SOAP-ENV:Envelope 
(AwApi-Perl/4.9.0, Common-Perl/3.2.0, SOAP-WSDL/3.003, libwww-perl/6.15, 
perl/5.016003, Logging/Enabled, PageProcessor)</userAgent><validateOnly 

(Yes, the code redacts the developer token.  I believe this to be a good 
thing.)  And if I print $client->get_last_soap_response(), I get this 


That “totalNumEntries” appears to be the salient part.

What we suspect is the case is that the (re)activation somehow messed up, 
and that this is a configuration error specific to our account but in 
Google's databases.  We, obviously, can not fix such a thing.

Also find us on our blog and Google+:

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