Hi Joyce,

Thank you for your reply.

I thought we were supposed to reuse threads that are about the exact 
problem that we're facing, in order to not duplicate them.. If you still 
want me to start another thread tell me and I will. Until then, here is 
some details that show the problem:

I attached a screenshot with the audiences in my AdWords account. The one 
circled I'm most interested in, "My remarketing list with rules [ADW-made]".

The result I get from the API, when calling AdWordsUserListService->get(), 

      *public* 'id' => string '414687168' *(length=9)*
      *public* 'isReadOnly' => boolean false
      *public* 'name' => string 'My remarketing list with rules [ADW-made]' 
      *public* 'description' => string '' *(length=0)*
      *public* 'status' => string 'OPEN' *(length=4)*
      *public* 'integrationCode' => null
      *public* 'accessReason' => string 'OWNED' *(length=5)*
      *public* 'accountUserListStatus' => string 'ACTIVE' *(length=6)*
      *public* 'membershipLifeSpan' => int 30
      *public* 'size' => int 0
      *public* 'sizeRange' => string 'LESS_THAN_FIVE_HUNDRED' *(length=22)*
      *public* 'sizeForSearch' => int 0
      *public* 'sizeRangeForSearch' => string 'LESS_THAN_FIVE_HUNDRED' 
      *public 'listType' => null*
      *public* 'isEligibleForSearch' => boolean false
      *public* 'isEligibleForDisplay' => boolean true
      *public* 'UserListType' => string 'UserList' *(length=8)*
      *private* '_parameterMap' => 
        *array* *(size=1)*
          'UserList.Type' => string 'UserListType' *(length=12)*

The selector I'm using is this:

$selector = new \Selector;

                $selector->fields = array('Id', 'Name', 'Description', 
'Status', 'IsReadOnly', 'AccessReason', 'AccountUserListStatus', 
'MembershipLifeSpan', 'Size', 'SizeRange', 'SizeForSearch', 
'SizeRangeForSearch', '*ListType*', 'IsEligibleForSearch', 
'IsEligibleForDisplay', 'SeedUserListId', 'SeedUserListName', 
'SeedUserListDescription', 'SeedUserListStatus', 'SeedListSize');

As can be seen, the 'ListType' selector field is there. I also tried with the 
following predicate added, as well, but I get the same fields for that audience.

$selector->predicates[] = new \Predicate('ListType', 'EQUALS', 'RULE_BASED');

For the audience "All visitors" I also get a null `listType` field.

Thank you.

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