I just wanted to say that there way to solve this.

You can also do like this:
DfpUser user = new DfpUser();
DfpAppConfig config = (DfpAppConfig)user.Config;
config.EnableSoapExtension = false;

This effectively disables the soaplistener extension. This worked for me. 
In the entire part you can also add things like
config.OAuth2Mode = Google.Api.Ads.Common.Lib.OAuth2Flow.SERVICE_ACCOUNT;
config.OAuth2SecretsJsonPath ="<json secret file>";
config.NetworkCode = "<Your network code>";

On Friday, 16 October 2015 04:30:23 UTC+2, Senthil Palaniswami wrote:

> I am using the API in SQL server SSIS Package in script task with C# to 
> get the data into SQL Server database. 
> the same code is working good in C# Console application with App.Config 
> file, but it is not working in SSIS.  Please assist.
> The SoapListenerExtension class is not loaded. The most possible cause for 
> this error is that you haven't registered 
> Google.Api.Ads.Common.Lib.SoapListenerExtension as a soap extension under 
> configuration/system.web/webServices/soapExtensionTypes in your your 
> App.config or Web.config. See the sample App.config for details on how to 
> register soap extensions.

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