Apologies for the delayed response. I am not exactly sure why you are not 
getting a value for the listType field since I am able to retrieve it using 
the AdwordsUserListService.get. Could you confirm if you referred to our 
creating your RuleBasedUserLists?

My apologies as well as I am not very familiar with PHP code, however, I 
was able to get some of the details of the UserLists using my code in Java 
as seen below :

* SelectorBuilder builder = new SelectorBuilder(); Selector selector = 
builder     .fields(AdwordsUserListField.Id, AdwordsUserListField.ListType, 
AdwordsUserListField.Rules)     .offset(offset)     .limit(PAGE_SIZE)    
 .build();  while (morePages) {      UserListPage userListPage = 
userListService.get(selector);      if (userListPage.getEntries() != null 
&& userListPage.getEntries().length > 0) {     for (UserList 
adwordsUserList : userListPage.getEntries()) {              //Get the list 
type       String listType = adwordsUserList.getListType().toString();      
        //Apply condition based on list type       if 
(("RULE_BASED").equals(listType)){                  //Since there are two 
types of RuleBasedUserList we get the UsetListType         String 
userListType = adwordsUserList.getUserListType();         String rule = 
"";         String id = "";         String name = "";                 
 //Get the details         if 
(("ExpressionRuleUserList").equals(userListType)) {          
 ExpressionRuleUserList expRuleUserList = (ExpressionRuleUserList) 
adwordsUserList;           id = expRuleUserList.getId().toString();        
   name = expRuleUserList.getName().toString();           rule = 
                  } else if 
(("DateSpecificRuleUserList").equals(userListType)) {          
 DateSpecificRuleUserList dateRuleUserList = (DateSpecificRuleUserList) 
adwordsUserList;           id = dateRuleUserList.getId().toString();        
   name = dateRuleUserList.getName().toString();           rule = 
       }         //Output         System.out.printf("Rule based user list 
with id = '%s' , name = '%s' and rule = '%s' was found.%n", id, name, 
rule);                } else {         //Apply condition for other list 
types         System.out.println("Not rule based user list");       }    
 }   } else {     System.out.println("No rule based user lists found.");  
 }      offset += PAGE_SIZE;   selector = 
builder.increaseOffsetBy(PAGE_SIZE).build();   morePages = offset < 
userListPage.getTotalNumEntries();    }*

The output that was generated is as seen below :

*Not rule basedNot rule basedNot rule basedNot rule basedRule based user 
list with id = 'XXXXXXXX' , name = 'Expression based user list created at 
20160922_105707' and rule = 'checkout' was found.Rule based user list with 
id = 'XXXXXXXX' , name = 'Date rule user list created at 20160922_105707' 
and rule = 'checkout' was found.*

I hope this helps and if you are still not able to get the information that 
you need, kindly provide your customer ID and any SOAP request and response 
so I can further investigate the issue. Please reply using *Reply privately 
to author* in doing so.

Best regards,
AdWords API Team

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