Hi Peter,

    Thanks for answering. Yes, I meant v201607. 

     I understand that some keywords may not have a QualityScore and thus 
have no data for QualityInfo. However, according to the link kindly 
provided by you if a keyword has a quality score I should be still able to 
get QualityInfo.

     The problem is that the AdWords User Interface shows 101 matches for 
my query, all of then with a QualityScore of 6/10, a result that can be 
replicated using v201605 with the predicates below, which is not the case 
anymore for v201607. What are the chances of a keyword being shown as 
having a value for QS on the UI, but not through the API?

     I'm wondering if the predicates need to be adapted, or if the only 
option is now to switch to using Reports instead of AdGroupCriterionService.

     Thank you,

On Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 12:30:19 PM UTC+2, Peter Oliquino wrote:
> Hi Cesar,
> Could you confirm if you meant version v201607 instead of v201609? Our 
> latest version currently is v201607 
> <https://googleadsdeveloper.blogspot.com/2016/07/announcing-v201607-of-adwords-api.html>.
> Also, as of this latest version, the QualityInfo 
> <https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/reference/v201605/AdGroupCriterionService.BiddableAdGroupCriterion#qualityinfo>
>  (QualityScore) 
> attribute is no longer returned by the AdGroupCriterionService, however, it 
> is still available in the reports 
> <https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/appendix/reports/all-reports#qualityscore>.
> For more information, kindly refer to this link 
> <https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/reference/#quality-score>.
> Best regards,
> Peter
> AdWords API Team

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