Im using the API in order to upload keywords to adgroups.
I have ~100000 and when Im using the batch job service is too slow( 
sometimes the server crashs before).
I red the API documentation but cant find a better way that im using
My question is:
1. Is there a better way to upload all these content in batch job.
2. Is there a limit to upload operations in batch job.

This is my code(took from examples) in python:

def run_operations_as_batch_job(account_id, wait_for_response=False, 
    job_helper = adwords_client.GetBatchJobHelper()
    job = create_batch_job()
    upload_url = job['uploadUrl']['url']
    batch_job_id = job['id']

    job_helper.UploadOperations(upload_url, *operations)
    while wait_for_response:
            url = GetBatchJobDownloadUrlWhenReady(batch_job_id)
            response = urllib2.urlopen(url).read()
            return job_helper.ParseResponse(response)
    return batch_job_id

def GetBatchJobDownloadUrlWhenReady(batch_job_id, max_poll_attempts=10):
    batch_job = get_batch_job(batch_job_id)
    poll_attempt = 0
    while poll_attempt < max_poll_attempts and batch_job['status'] in ('DONE', 
        if 'downloadUrl' in batch_job:
            url = batch_job['downloadUrl']['url']
            print ('Batch Job with Id "%s", Status "%s", and DownloadUrl "%s" 
                   % (batch_job['id'], batch_job['status'], url))
            return url
        sleep_interval = (30 * (2 ** poll_attempt) +
                          (random.randint(0, 10000) / 1000))
        print 'Batch Job not ready, sleeping for %s seconds.' % sleep_interval
        batch_job = get_batch_job(batch_job_id)
        poll_attempt += 1

    raise Exception('Batch Job not finished downloading. Try checking later.')

def get_batch_job(batch_job_id):
    batch_job_service = get_service(Services.BATCH_JOB_SERVICE)
    selector = {
      'fields': ['Id', 'Status', 'DownloadUrl'],
      'predicates': [{'field': 'Id', 'operator': 'EQUALS', 'values': 
    return batch_job_service.get(selector)['entries'][0]

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