Hello Team,

Can you please help me in using lhs/rhs operand in matchingfunction in 
order to get details of locationgroup object like income tier etc. Right 
now though we are getting matchingfunction as null.

The response is like this:

    [0] => CampaignCriterion Object
            [campaignId] => 194515594
            [isNegative] => 
            [criterion] => LocationGroups Object
                    [feedId] => 
                    [matchingFunction] => 
                    [id] => 263370580451
                    [type] => LOCATION_GROUPS
                    [CriterionType] => LocationGroups
                    [_parameterMap:Criterion:private] => Array
                            [Criterion.Type] => CriterionType


            [bidModifier] => 
            [baseCampaignId] => 
            [forwardCompatibilityMap] => 
            [CampaignCriterionType] => CampaignCriterion
            [_parameterMap:CampaignCriterion:private] => Array
                    [CampaignCriterion.Type] => CampaignCriterionType


The function is like this:

public function GetCampaignTargetingCriteriaExample(AdWordsUser $user, 
$campaignId) {
                // Get the service, which loads the required classes.
                $campaignCriterionService =
                $user->GetService('CampaignCriterionService', 'v201607');

                // Create selector.
                $selector = new Selector();
                $selector->fields = array('Id', 'CriteriaType');

                // Create predicates.
                $selector->predicates[] =  new Predicate('CampaignId', 'IN', 
                //$selector->predicates[] = new Predicate('CriteriaType', 'IN', 
                $selector->predicates[] = new Predicate('CriteriaType', 'IN',  

                // Create paging controls.
                $selector->paging = new Paging(0, 

                do {
                        // Make the get request.
                        $page = $campaignCriterionService->get($selector);

                        // Display results.
                        if (isset($page->entries)) {
                                return $page->entries;
                          foreach ($page->entries as $campaignCriterion) {
                                printf("Campaign targeting criterion with ID 
'%s' and type '%s' was "
                                        . "found.\n", 
                        } else {
                          print "No campaign targeting criteria were found.\n";

                        // Advance the paging index.
                        $selector->paging->startIndex += 
                } while ($page->totalNumEntries > 

We just trying to find a way to use lhs/rhs operand inb proper way. Please 
help us with php code for this.

Thanks & Regards

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