To access an AdWords account's data via the API, you need two things: a 
with a manager account) and valid OAuth credentials 
with the target AdWords account or the manager account of the target 
AdWords account). 

Access levels related to a developer token define the limits on your 
account (such as test vs production accounts and the number of operations 
that you can perform with your token). When a user creates a new developer 
token, the default access level is Test Access 
which means that the user would be able access test accounts 
 When a user submits an application for Basic Access 
 (using this form <https://services.google.com/fb/forms/newtoken/>), and 
the application is approved, the user is able to access production AdWords 
accounts with a limit of 10,000 operations per day (complete rate sheet can 
be found here <https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/ratesheet>). 
on the other hand, have no such limit. 

OAuth credentials, however, can be used to control data access to a user on 
a particular account. To grant a user read-only access, you can add a new 
user to your AdWords account using this guide 
<https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/6372672?hl=en> with read-only 
permissions. When the user uses this email address to create OAuth 
credentials for the API, they will have read-only access to the API by 

Hope this helps. If you have additional questions, please feel free to 

Vishal Vinayak, AdWords API Team

Also find us on our blog and Google+:

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