We have a developer token that we use every day to create, refresh and 
report on numerous campaigns for clients we have under our MCC account.  It 
works fine.

Now, we are developing an application to access data from other Adwords 
customers (but not within our MCC).  The goal is to provide an analysis of 
their AdWords and provide hints on how to improve things.  It will be a 
one-time access, using the OAuth2 Web App flow.  We will not save the 
refreshed token.

When we applied for our developer token a year and a half ago, we submitted 
it was for our own internal data (installed app).

Since we want to create this new application, fetching data from someone 
else's account, I wonder if we need to apply for a second, distinct, 
Developer Token.  I initially thought so, but when I reviewed the API 
section of the Configuration panel of the MCC account, I saw only one spot 
for a developer token that made me doubt if we could apply for a second 



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