Hi all,

We are creating a product monitoring script, which should gather 
information on specific products by ID in one of our campaigns. We're 
having success using the Reports API for most metrics, but we would also 
like to know the current MaxCPC for individual IDs, which Reports does not 
seem to support.

Instead, we launch a new query for each product ID that looks like this:
var pGroup = AdWordsApp.productGroups().withCondition("ProductGroup 
CONTAINS '" + row['OfferId'] + "'").withCondition("CampaignName = 'Shopping 
All Products'").get();

if(pGroup.hasNext()) {
      var p = pGroup.next();
      curMaxCPC = p.asItemId().getMaxCpc();
where row['OfferId'] in our code is the current product ID.

This does return a MaxCPC value, and the value is often correct. But 
sometimes, it is not!! Having to make sure that the value is in fact the 
current MaxCPC defeats the purpose of the script.

Is there a better way? Or really any way that works? Our campaign is 
organized with a single product group containing all of the product IDs.

Thanks in advance

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