We've built an ads editor which contains a series of keyword inputs. 
Upon submission, each input value is sanitized and will only include valid 
characters. We then explicitly set *match type* via the API. 


I was wondering what would happen if the user input itself contained* match 
type* symbols that conflicted with our explicit setting. 


For example, if I set,


keyword.text = "[baseball cap]"; 
keyword.matchType = "BROAD";

would this configuration *BROAD*ly match the text "[baseball cap]" (with 
brackets) or would it *EXACT*ly match the text "baseball cap". Or would it 
ignore the brackets and *BROAD*ly match "baseball cap".


In order to test what would happen, I created a campaign through the API 
to experiment. My AdGroup contained each of the symbol variations of 
"baseball cap". However, each keyword had its *match type* explicitly set 
to *BROAD*. 

When I opened the campaign in the Adwords GUI, I could confirm that the 
text retained its inputted symbols and had been designated as *BROAD **match 
type* (even if the symbols were denoting *PHRASE* or *EXACT*).  


For example, he UI had the following values for our input text "[baseball 


Text: [baseball cap]            Match Type: BROAD


 However, when I gave focus to the text input, the UI's validator would 
take over and update *match type* to *EXACT* (as long as the brackets 


Should we therefore be checking user input and using it to set match type 
(according to the detected symbology) on our end? Or will any overrides be 
handled by the API despite what I saw initially in the GUI?




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