Hi all,

We have an Google Adwords account linked up to a Google Universal Analytics 
account and we are trying to attribute call extension conversions to the 
Adwords via Analytics using only the gCLID. We are getting the gCLIDs via 
the Google Adwords API.

In other words, we get these Google click IDs (gCLID) from the Google click 
metrics report every time there is a click to call on our ad. However, 
since the user never actually goes to the site, it is impossible to grab 
the Google Analytics CID to identify an Analytics session.

We would like to import these gCLIDs to Analytics and have them attributed 
to our Adwords account by sending events using the measurement protocol. 
These are the parameters that we are sending with MP so far but with no 
success as of yet.

v: "1", tid: "UA-xxxxxxx-x", cid: "555", gclid: CMvmjrWWvdECFQONaQodh, t: 
"event", ec: "SEM Call", ea: "Call Placed", cn: "NADA Event", ci: 
"xxxxxxxxx", cs: "google", cm: "cpc", ev: 27, kc: +nada

The event source / medium turn out to be correct but Analytics doesn't seem 
to realize that we are trying to import conversions to attribute and link 
with our Adwords account.

We know that importing directly to Adwords is a possibility, but we would 
rather import directly to Analytics if possible, due to other tracking 

Can anyone help me attribute my gCLIDS (conversions) to my Adwords account 
and specifically, to Adwords keywords, in this way?



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