I know this thread is old, but have a similar request.

We do Administer our Google Apps domain and would prefer to have this all 
linked back to it.

I setup the Service Account in the developer console and downloaded the 
JSON. That all seems to load fine. Per the documentation, inside the G 
Suite console, I have entered our Client ID (the long number from the JSON 
file downloaded via the dev console) and "
*https://www.googleapis.com/auth/adwords*"; for the Client Name field.


When I try to connect, I get the same "AuthenticationError.NOT_ADS_USER" 

I am creating the credential, as follows, from the sample code:

// Generate a refreshable OAuth2 credential.
Credential oAuth2Credential = new OfflineCredentials.Builder()

My understanding is it should pull everything from the JSON file, referenced in 
the ads.properties file.

There are three rows in that ads.properties file:

api.adwords.developerToken={{our developer token from Adwords}}
api.adwords.clientCustomerId={{our MCC account #}}

Any guidance on what piece I might be missing here would be super helpful. 
Understandably, the documentation isn't great for Service Accounts, but for 
those of us using them, having a clear cut example to follow as to which 
properties/keys/etc are required, would be great.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

-John R

On Friday, August 21, 2015 at 7:50:43 AM UTC-7, Danial Klimkin wrote:
> Hello Nick,
> 1. Exactly my point. There is no link. AdWords API is different from other 
> APIs managed via the developer console and not controlled from there.
> 2. Is there any reason you really want to use service accounts? Do you 
> administer a Google Apps domain?
> 3. Correct.
> -Danial, AdWords API Team. 
> On Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at 1:04:10 PM UTC+2, 
> nick.h...@agiletalentpool.com <javascript:> wrote:
>> Hello Danial,
>> Thanks for your prompt reply.
>> "It also doesn't need to belong to the same account as any MCC (but is 
>> can)"
>> 1. I'm a little confused by what the account setup should be following 
>> this remark. My aim is to create a set-up that enables a test service 
>> account to retrieve campaign data. According to the documentation, the 
>> project created on Google Developer Console 
>> "is a collection of settings, credentials, and metadata about the 
>> application or applications you're working on that make use of Google 
>> Developer APIs and Google Cloud resources", so it does make sense to have a 
>> single Project ID for multiple applications which make access of Google 
>> Developer API. 
>> What I do not understand though is how is the association / link between 
>> the Google Developer Console and the (MCC or non-MCC) account on Google 
>> AdWords made? All they have in common is the Google Account on which they 
>> have been set up. For other API endpoints, I've noticed one can enable them 
>> from the Enable APIs section of GDC, but there's nothing like that for 
>> AdWords.
>> 2. Could you give me an example of an account set-up for a test example 
>> using an Service Account? I'm only interested in the hierarchical 
>> structure. 
>> 3. Should the client customer ID be the 10 digits one displayed under an 
>> AdWords account?
>> My apologies if all these seem like basic questions but it's my first 
>> time using AdWords and I'm trying to understand how it works rather than 
>> just find the fix. 
>> Many thanks,
>> Nick.
>> On Monday, August 17, 2015 at 5:16:52 PM UTC+3, Danial Klimkin wrote:
>>> Hello Nick,
>>> First of all, you don't need two project IDs for test and prod setup, 
>>> project ID is per application so you can use the same one. It also doesn't 
>>> need to belong to the same account as any MCC (but is can).
>>> Second, I strongly recommend against using service accounts. It has very 
>>> limited benefits comparing to normal flow and requires you to be a domain 
>>> administrator.
>>> As per error, you have authorized with a login that doesn't have an 
>>> AdWords account associated with it. Make sure your key (or refresh token) 
>>> belongs to the correct account (test MCC) and you specify clientCustomerId 
>>> properly. The latter needs to be a target test account (not MCC) ID.
>>> -Danial, AdWords API Team. 
>>> On Friday, August 14, 2015 at 2:55:47 PM UTC+2, 
>>> nick.h...@agiletalentpool.com wrote:
>>>> I am trying to retrieve campaign data using a test adwords service 
>>>> account via the Java client library. Despite being able to obtain a 
>>>> refresh 
>>>> token the actual call to the CampaignService class throws exception with 
>>>> error code:
>>>> [AuthenticationError.NOT_ADS_USER @ ; trigger:'<null>']
>>>> My setup is the following:
>>>> 1. I have a production MCC Account set on prod_mc...@domain.com. On 
>>>> this account, from Google Developer Console, I have created a new project 
>>>> and then requested a developer token for this account which is currently 
>>>> in 
>>>> status "Pending approval". I created a new Client ID from Google Developer 
>>>> Console > API & auth > Credentials > OAuth2 and specified "Service 
>>>> Account" 
>>>> for its type.  
>>>> 2. I have created a secondary test MCC Account on test_mc...@domain.com. 
>>>> Just like before I created a new project from Google Developer Console and 
>>>> created a new Client ID and selected the Service Account Type. In Google 
>>>> Adwords page, under Accounts, I've added a new test AdWords account under 
>>>> the test MCC account. This test AdWords account does not have its own 
>>>> email 
>>>> (as does the test MCC Account) but is linked under the test MCC account. 
>>>> 3. I have added a dummy campaign for the test AdWords account (the one 
>>>> linked under the test MCC account).
>>>> 4. I have downloaded the private key file for the test MCC Account.
>>>> The code that I am using to get the refresh Token is this:
>>>>       GoogleCredential credential = new GoogleCredential.Builder()
>>>>      .setTransport(httpTransport)
>>>>           .setJsonFactory(JSON_FACTORY)
>>>>           .setServiceAccountId(TEST_MCC_ACCOUNT_CLIENT_EMAIL)
>>>>           .setServiceAccountScopes(Collections.singleton("
>>>> https://www.googleapis.com/auth/adwords";))
>>>>           .setServiceAccountPrivateKeyFromP12File(new 
>>>>           .build();
>>>>        credential.refreshToken();
>>>>       return credential;
>>>> The refresh token is retrieved with no errors (I can't tell though 
>>>> whether it's indeed the correct refresh token).
>>>> With this refresh token I'm running the following code to retrieve the 
>>>> campaign:
>>>>        AdWordsSession session = new AdWordsSession.Builder()
>>>>      .withDeveloperToken(DEVELOPER_TOKEN_OF_PROD_MCC_ACCOUNT)
>>>>      .withUserAgent(PROJECT_ID_IN_TEST_MCC_ACCOUNT)
>>>>      .withOAuth2Credential(credential)
>>>>      .build();
>>>>       AdWordsServices adWordsServices = new AdWordsServices();
>>>>       CampaignServiceInterface campaignService = 
>>>> adWordsServices.get(session, CampaignServiceInterface.class);
>>>>       // Create selector.
>>>>       Selector selector = new Selector();
>>>>       selector.setFields(new String[] {"Id", "Name"});
>>>>       // Get all campaigns.
>>>>       CampaignPage page = campaignService.get(selector);
>>>> The last line, however throws the exception which I've mentioned:
>>>> Exception in thread "main" AxisFault
>>>>  faultCode: {http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/}Server
>>>>  faultSubcode: 
>>>>  faultString: [AuthenticationError.NOT_ADS_USER @ ; 
>>>> trigger:'&lt;null&gt;']
>>>>  faultActor: 
>>>>  faultNode: 
>>>>  faultDetail: 
>>>> {https://adwords.google.com/api/adwords/cm/v201506}ApiExceptionFault:<message>[AuthenticationError.NOT_ADS_USER
>>>> @ ; 
>>>> trigger:'&lt;null&gt;']</message><ApplicationException.Type>ApiException</ApplicationException.Type><errors
>>>> xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"; 
>>>> xsi:type="AuthenticationError"><fieldPath/><trigger>&lt;null&gt;</trigger><errorString>AuthenticationError.NOT_ADS_USER</errorString><ApiError.Type>AuthenticationError</ApiError.Type><reason>NOT_ADS_USER</reason></errors>
>>>> [AuthenticationError.NOT_ADS_USER @ ; trigger:'<null>']
>>>> One variation which I have tried is to create a third AdWords account, 
>>>> which has an email address (test_adwo...@domain.com) associated to it, 
>>>> link it under the test MCC Account, and change the code which creates the 
>>>> credential to include the call to setServiceAccountUser("
>>>> test_adwords_em...@domain.com"). In this case the call to 
>>>> credential.refreshToken() fails with an error message "401 Unauthorized". 
>>>> I've also tried using setServiceAccountUser("test_mcc_em...@domain.com
>>>> ").
>>>> I'm not sure what the problem might be, whether there's an issue with 
>>>> the way the account hierarchy is structured, whether there's something 
>>>> missing from the accounts themselves or whether it's even possible to use 
>>>> a 
>>>> test service account to retrieve data. Some help would be greatly 
>>>> appreciated.

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