I my application I create Shopping campaigns using the google api. For the 
inventory filter I want to set ProductBiddingCategory. I have a config with 
the ids. For example for first level, 'BIDDING_CATEGORY_L2', I have this 

'category1stLevel' => array(
    '-7183678771116356049' => 'Animals & Pet Supplies',
    '-8901225909846585574' => 'Arts & Entertainment ',
    '-135859741832737125' => 'Baby & Toddler',
    '1630781044279653237' => 'Business & Industrial',
    '-4047358871470385303' => 'Cameras & Optics',
    '-3692872870547437690' => 'Clothing & Accessories',
    '-8991081036712453473' => 'Electronics',
    '-4844290245982195030' => 'Food, Beverages & Tobacco',
    '5791209622805759532' => 'Furniture',
    '1689639310991627077' => 'Hardware',
    '-1319082945867661876' => 'Health & Beauty',
    '-730821788104646261' => 'Home & Garden',
    '-5914235892932915235' => 'Luggage & Bags',
    '513743549703189181' => 'Mature',
    '-823909673284230433' => 'Media',
    '7477391641924216366' => 'Office Supplies',
    '225849170806580462' => 'Religious & Ceremonial ',
    '-7974890371279108093' => 'Software',
    '6085370270382652056' => 'Sporting Goods',
    '-136928849880388598' => 'Toys & Games',
    '-7701278134223972650' => 'Vehicles & Parts'

Fragment of code where I set:

$value = new ProductBiddingCategory();

As I see value must be an int, but it seems that php makes it exponential 
number(-7.7183678771116E+18) and the I suppose it converts to int but it is a 
value like -7183678771116355890. It is not the one

from beginning so it is not valid. If I do like this 
$value->setValue(-7.7183678771116E+18) it also does not work. I use 201705 
version. In 201702 was working if was giving value like that 

Noe it does not work anymore.

How should I set to work? 


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