Damn I've seriously looked through 100 threads related to this and finally 
found one that was helpful. The step I was missing was adding the 
`client_id` from the JSON key to the 'authorized client' list in 
admin.google.com, and also the `oauth2_prn` user to impersonate.

Now I have a new error though... 
`AuthorizationError.USER_PERMISSION_DENIED`. Am I supposed to use the 
global MCC account rather than my test MCC? (My dev token isnt approved 
yet). If I use my master MCC email for `oauth2_prn` I get the above error, 
but if I use my test MCC I made I get this error: `Client is unauthorized 
to retrieve access tokens using this method.`

Here is how I have it set up again:

- **Production** Google developer console (domain-enabled service account 
used for `oauth2_key`, `oauth2_issuer`)
- **Production** GSuite account (enable production service account access 
to `https://www.googleapis.com/auth/adwords`)
- **Production** MCC account (API key used for `developer_token`)
- **Test** MCC account (email for `oauth2_prn`)
- **Test** client account (customer id for `client_customer_id`)

They key takeaway is all this was under the production account. The only 
test stuff I created was MCC/client account (I didnt create a test google 
developer console service or API access or anything like that)

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